Laser Hair Removal Services
in Rancho Cordova, CA

Cordoba Medical Institute offers laser hair removal services. This is hands-down one of the best personal investments you will make. Our hair-removal service is pain-free and permanent. Shaving or waxing can be tedious, but laser treatments are permanent hair removal treatments that will leave you with soft, smooth, beautiful skin. The great news is that laser hair removal at Cordoba Medical Institute is an affordable service, making it the obvious choice over waxing or shaving. 

Ditch the razor

Do you still thread, wax, shave, or pluck those embarrassing body hair? Dark underarms can really affect your confidence. Even if you shave regularly, you may still have this problem. Underarm laser hair removal can help to restore your confidence by permanently removing dark underarm hair, leaving you with soft, smooth skin.

Do you prefer to shave? Then you are no stranger to painful razor cuts that bleed. You might be prone to ingrown hair as a result of shaving, or you might suffer from a 5 o’clock shadow. 

You can permanently eliminate these problems through pain-free laser hair removal treatments. You may have even considered IPL treatments. Perhaps you had several treatments only to be burned in the process while still having to wake up with hair. IPL is not as effective as a laser. 

At Cordoba Medical Institute, we believe that you deserve better! Many people struggle with facial and body hair. We’ve treated many people successfully with laser, and we can help you!

Start living your best hair-free life today!

– You’ll never have to grow your hair to wax it again!

– You’ll never have to wax again!

– Say goodbye to painful and unsightly ingrown hairs!

– No more shave cuts that bleed

– No more unsightly dark underarms

– Put an end to shaving, waxing, plucking, and threading forever!

– Endless seasons from summer to winter with smooth, hair-free skin!

At Cordoba Medical Institute, you are in safe hands. We are backed by years of experience and expertise in the field with laser hair removal that is pain-free and suitable for all skin types. Simply call our offices at (916) 701-2025 today for a free consultation and patch test.

During your consultation, we will explain the procedure and answer your questions. Most candidates require eight to 12 treatments. Results are visible from two to three weeks after your first treatment.